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Powa Ceremony

We perform this Powa Practice on behalf of those who have recently died. 

The practice of transference of consciousness, POWA Ceremony, is done on behalf of one or more deceased persons, or countless deceased beings.

Through doing POWA Practice with faith, compassion and concentration we can transfer the consciousness of those recently deceased to a higher rebirth or to the Pure Land of a Buddha.

If living beings have the opportunity to take rebirth in a Buddha’s Pure Land they will attain permanent liberation from suffering and experience pure and everlasting happiness.

Our practice of this Powa Ceremony offers them this precious opportunity.

By engaging in this practice we ourself will create a great collection of virtue, which will also lead us into the pathway to the Pure Land of a 

Everyone is welcome. 

Please bring an offering of food, flowers and other necessities on behalf of the deceased.

November 9 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm