Renunciation: It’s not what you think!

Renunciation: It’s not what you think!

Time: Wednesdays 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Cost: $12 per class – No charge for Members (Level 1 Membership only $50/month – see Centre Membership for more information).

Weekly meditation classes offer practical methods to improve the quality of our lives through meditation and especially learning new ways of thinking. You can learn how to develop and improve your experience of happiness and inner peace. No previous experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome!

All the weekly classes are currently offered online. Many of the regular classes use Prayers for Meditation to help calm the mind and fill us with inspiring energy. You can find a copy in our online shop.

Booking will stay open until 30 minutes after the start of the course. You will receive a zoom link in the confirmation email to join the live-streamed class. Please email if any questions or difficulties.

* All our online events are open to either anyone who would have booked to attend in person under normal pre-pandemic circumstances or residents of Manitoba. For a centre near you, click here. *


Each of the weekly meditation classes begins with a guided breathing meditation to settle the mind, brief prayers, a talk and then a second guided meditation on the class topic. Class topics can be found in each weekly class description.
No. All our weekly meditation classes are open to everyone regardless of spiritual orientation.
No. Attend as many as you wish. Each class is self-contained, so you do not need to attend the previous class or classes in order to follow the class you wish to attend.
Each weekly class is $12 for non-members. There is no charge for members – KMCC membership starts at $50/month (click here).

Renunciation: It’s not what you think!

Renunciation has received a bad rap. It is often mistakenly defined as giving up something, sacrificing something, relinquishing something. These definitions seem to suggest that renunciation is suffering… but in fact, Buddha explained that renunciation is exactly the opposite. It is giving up suffering! Isn’t that we all want? Wouldn’t we be happy to give that up? This month we will be looking at the concept of renunciation as Buddha explained, and why it is essential if we want to be happy and free from problems.

April 7: The biggest hoax of all

All our lives we have been told that the way to happiness is to accomplish various goals, to achieve, to fulfill our potential. But we can see this hasn’t worked. Luckily for us, Buddha explained in great detail how to achieve liberation from suffering, simply by managing our uncontrolled desires.  Meditation: The faults of attachment

April 14: The Story of Buddha

Buddha was born into a wealthy, Royal family and had the best of everything. But Buddha realized that even his own family was not protected from the sufferings of sickness, ageing and finally death. He strongly believed that there must be something more than this endless cycle of suffering and struggle. Find out what he found out.  Meditation: Preciousness of Our Human Life

April 21: The root of suffering

Buddha gave 84,000 teachings, but his ultimate intention was for us to understand something called self-grasping ignorance and free ourselves from this delusion, the root of all other delusions.  Meditation: emptiness of the self or body

About the Teacher: Sandra Lewis – Sandra is a sincere student on the Teacher Training Program and has been practising Kadampa Buddhism for almost 10 years in Toronto. She is known for her inspiring and kind-hearted approach to teaching Buddhism and meditation and is a dedicated volunteer at KMC Canada. Sandra teaches the Wednesday Morning class as well as some Saturday courses.

April 28: No ClassComing under the Umbrella of Buddhism Retreat